A downloadable game for Windows

Created for the GMTK game-jam. Harvest the weird slimey-o creatures from the ground and use them to attack, heal yourself or gain orbs. See how long you can survive with hungry enemies chasing you around the forest!

W,A,S,D - Move

Everything else will be explained in game, though if things get a bit confusing, here's a list of all the actions:

Left Mouse Button - Harvest slimey-o

Right Mouse Button - Kill slimey-o to gain an orb

Hold Left Mouse Button - Grab harvested slimey-o (You can then throw them by moving the mouse and releasing the Left Mouse Button)

Right Mouse Button - Kill harvested slimey-o to gain a heart

Right Mouse Button - Spend two orbs to convert an enemy


Slimey-O's.zip 3 MB


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i know it was made within 48 hours but honestly i think the game is a little too hard; you are constantly running from enemies while desperately squishing those slimes only to be absolutely mauled by the never ending horde of monsters.

You're right, the game is a bit too hard, however I don't think the constant movement is the game's flaw. Trying to balance moving with your left hand while aiming with your right is part of the challenge. Also, the enemies aren't never ending, there can only be 3 of both types of enemies in game at the same time, so there's never too many of them coming at you. But I'm really grateful for your input, and I'm hoping to get more of these comments, as they can help me understand how people reacted to my game :D (Buy yes, the game's difficulty can be handled better)